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In this working area, ZOITECHLAB develops a family of active biological products (bioproducts) which have a wide range of applications that are aimed to promoted a sustainable society.

In order to do this, ZOITECHLAB possesses the "know-how" needed to take advantage of the microorganism’ biological capacities thus offering a friendly-environment solution to different demand from stockbreeders, farmers or agro-food industries.

Our service is based on designing microbial consortia that are formulated as bioproducts which can be easily applied to:

  • Fulfil legal limits, reducing costs of treating organic waste and effluents in livestock factories, agro-food industries or biological treatment plants.
  • Solve environmental problems due to an inefficient organic waste management such as bad odors, greenhouse effect gas emissions, insects and pests proliferation, etc.
  • Improve organic waste properties allowing to be revalorized as organic amendments for agricultural and soil restoration practices.

These bioproducts are characterized to be more competent and environmental secure than chemical products, being also worthwhile and effective.

ZOITECHLAB currently possesses a variety of more than 1000 different natural microorganisms, including bacteria, yeasts and filament fungi with biotechnological capacities that have already been proved by scientific research experiments. These set of microorganisms is the base of ZOITECHLAB R&D.

ZOITECHLAB also has the necessary “know-how” to properly combine those innocuous microorganisms with the aim of produce its bioproducts based on microbial consortia.

Nowadays, ZOITECHLAB wagers to continue researching for designing new microbial consortia as news bioproducts, which can carry out biological activities useful for diverse society sectors.

The main Research and Development goal is to study different combinations of microorganisms, which are compatible and complementary for the development of new valuable bioproducts such as:

  • Inoculants for bioremediation processes
  • Biofertilizers y biopesticides
  • Microbial Probiotics

Besides, ZOITECHLAB offers a research and development service for other companies or public research centers, which are interested in carrying out R&D projects that are focused on using the capacities of microorganisms for biotechnological purposes.

Therefore, ZOITECHLAB’s facilities are available to serve any request, developing R&D projects as well as testing microbial production processes. ZOITECHLAB’s microbial production plant has been equipped with cutting-edge bioreactors of capacities ranging from 3 to 100 liters. In addition, ZOITECHLAB researchers have the indispensable expertise in microbiology, biochemical and molecular biology to guarantee an efficient work and robust development.

Interested in this R&D service, or into performing a collaborative R&D biotechnological project, please get in touch using the following contact form.

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