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Animal Reproduction


Animal Reproduction

Animal Reproduction

ZOITECHLAB (called GVP in the past) was founded in 1994 for the development of veterinarian technical services focused on animal reproduction.

With a wide experience in R&D and cutting-edge technologies by our specialists in public institutions, ZOITECHLAB provides a high quality range of boar semen extenders manufactured under ISO 9001:2008, and supplementary vitamin and mineral feed that increases the spermatogenesis capacity.

We have got the confidence of our clients not only in us but also in ACROMAX®, the high quality semen extender for long-term conservation that has been already introduced in many countries and keeps spreading all around the world.

In February of 2013, the company was integrated to ARQUIMEA GROUP to extend the business scope. Taking advantage of ARQUIMEA dedication to aerospace, industrial engineering, automotive and defense; ZOITECHLAB expands its range to bioengineering and environmental solutions in Livestock, Agriculture and Forestry. GVP brand continues dedicated to animal reproduction, mainly swine artificial insemination with newest automatic devices for doses and a new High-Throughput Screening Semen Quality Analyzer that greatly tops the old CASA systems.

ACROMAX® is the flag-product with highest long-term semen conservation due to the acrosome and membranes protection of its formula. The high-quality manufacturing standards have already been introduced in many countries like Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Bolivia, Spain, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Canada, Cuba, Romania, Brazil and Russia. And it keeps spreading worldwide.

Research lines are focused on the study of seminal preservation (new extenders, contamination, control of temperature in semen, APPCC in laboratory) and evaluation of seminal quality. ZOITECHLAB has designed a SQS family of cutting-edge semen analyzer specific for board stations to calculate accurate insemination doses. Fully automated and low-cost models are adapted to the needs of the clients.

At the present moment we keep on developing studies about new seminal tests like short HOST, HPAN, sHV and sperm DNA fragmentation. Besides, we have an open and continuous research of new extenders for boar semen in order to obtain different preservation media, improving its composition so we can get further in it.

Other lines of research are in relation with different problems in sow, embryo transfer and optimizing productive results with frozen semen.

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