What we do





AgroforestryZOITECHLAB stands up for sustainable, smart and innovative management of environment, supporting a responsible social use of nature´s resources. We face two general challenges:

  • To produce safe, high–quality and affordable forest and agro-food products, while preserving the environment
  • To restore degraded areas that suffered pollutants, fire or other catastrophes.

We are aware of the importance and urgency of rising these big challenges and this is why we work with a multidisciplinary team, focus in sustainable development and use the best available technologies.

Taking into account the global change where humans are in, working with other companies of ARQUIMEA GROUP, we develop technological tools to manage natural resources, in a smart and innovative way.

We are in contact, on the one hand with producers and rural areas´ administrators and on the other hand, with several R&D Institutions and Centers. Thanks to these collaborations, we are able to put in practice the new experiences and progresses where it is required.

In brief, we offer an integral, smart and innovative service to rural areas´ administrators and agro-food or forest companies.

Our offer is based on the wide knowledge and experience of our professionals, educated on environment sciences and engineering. We provide a team of experts in environmental protection, especially in the prevention and defense against forest fires.


Others are master in agroforestry biotechnology, committed to increase productivity and quality of forest and agricultural goods without undermining nature´s ability of provide resources and services a respectfully.

Our researchers manage European and National funding programmes and have wide experience elaborating proposals and projects in order to get grants.

ZOITECHLAB´s Forestry team provides these services:

  • Design of computering tools for the sustainable management of forest, from the field to the operational center. These tools allow us to compile, integrate and operate large amounts of information about the state of forest and plantations and their environmental parameters. Databases and indicators of effectiveness of different treatments are generated once all the information is processed.
  • Implementation of EU's rural development. In addition, we seek subsidies at regional, national and European level so that our customers can benefit of the available subsidies.
  • Research on biological solutions for recovering degraded or burned areas. Microorganisms developed by ZOITECHLAB´s microbiology team are applied as biological remediation systems.


  • Conservation and improvement of the Spanish silvopastoral system “dehesa”. When the pasture is dedicated to the production of Iberian pig we work hand in hand with veterinarians and specialists of our department of Animal Production.
  • Evaluation of organic residues and by-products from the agricultural and forestry sector. Projects for improving the productivity of agricultural and forestry exploitations. The circular and low carbon production model is intended.


  • Networking among actors of the primary sector, connecting researchers, producers and consumers, to optimize resources, create synergies and use the latest and more convenient technologies.

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