Technical Consulting in Reproduction


Technical Consulting in Reproduction

Technical Consulting in Reproduction

A) Regarding to artificial insemination:

Design of boar station according to customer's requirements

  1. Management and control of the boars used, taking into consideration the following aspects:
    • Facilities
    • Replacement
    • Training and Program collections period
    • Environmental conditions
    • Health conditions
    • Social contact
    • Evaluation and control of semen quality
  2. Handling and control of the insemination laboratory in order to guarantee the healthiest conditions of all the seminal doses produced.
    • Laboratory material needs. Use and maintenance
    • Work planning
    • Proper handling of the semen to keep its fertilizing ability
    • Checking of semen quality and production
    • Transport and preservation of the seminal doses
  3. Heat detection and insemination of the semen dose.

B) Regarding reproductive management of sows:

  1. Infertility Problems. Study of causes:
    • Failure on heat detection
    • Failure on fertilization
    • Problems regarding early embryo mortality
  2. Anoestrus problems
  3. Handling of ultrasound devices
  4. Hormonal treatments (heat and delivery synchronization, etc).

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