SQS2 resultados

The SQS®  provides an accurate, fast, easy, and affordable sperm analyze experience.

The cutting-edge device that saves time and money to calculate accurate insemination doses.

Increase your seminal doses production.



The SQS2® device is an automatic and integrated analysis system for semen quality in pigs.

Analyzes more than 1000 sperm cells in less than 1 minute. Each semen analysis measures the following parameters: total number of spermatozoa, concentration, viability, useful spermatozoa, abnormal sperm cells, sperm agglutination and recommended number of doses to be produced.

It is made up of a fluorescence microscopy-based sperm counter with a high resolution CMOS camera, a high-power blue LED and an advanced computerized vision system.



Once the SQS2® has analyzed your cells, you can check to see which ones were judged to be live or death on the touch screen. Green and red color indicates live and dead cells, respectively. A separate computer is not needed to review or even analyze the data. Users can see results directly on device.



  • Dose Volume: quantity in milliliters of the desired final dose.
  • Desired Sperm: quantity of spermatozoa per dose.
  • Analysis Dilution: dilution ratio used to prepare the semen sample.


  • Total number of spermatozoa (per ejaculate).
  • Concentration (millions per ml).
  • Viability (%).
  • Tail abnormalities and cytoplasmic droplets (%).
  • Useful spermatozoa (millions per ml).
  • Number of Doses.
  • Extender Volume necessary to the doses.


The system presents the following new features compared to version 1.0:

  • Larger screen, 10', for a better visualization of the analysis information.
  • Improved optical system able to capture images at 20 Mpx allowing to analyze up to 5000 sperm cells per analysis.
  • Analysis time reduction thanks to an increased processigcapacity.
  • Simpler and more intuitive interface.


Advanced accuracy

Thanks to the integration of a sperm counter based on fluorescence microscopy with a high resolution CMOS camera, a high-power blue LED and an advanced computerized vision system.


Performs a seminal analysis in less than 1 minute and in just 3 steps.

Easy to use

Simple interface that accompanies you from choosing the type of analysis to viewing results.

Resource optimization

Accurate seminal analysis without the need for additional equipment and tools or specialized personnel.

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