SQS Test


SQS Test

SQS Test


SQS TEST® is a dual staining kit developed by ZOITECHLAB to be used with SQS analyzers for assessing at the same time sperm viability and morphology in boar. The kit allows differentiating live and death sperm cells, and abnormalities. Green and red color indicates live and dead cells, respectively.

With SQS TEST® kit, SQS devices calculate the viability and morphology abnormalities sperm, related to insemination doses provided with the sample analyzed. The results should be evaluated taking into account sperm sample.

The kit includes staining dehydrated on the bottom of Fluorochrome Tubes (ET), in order to prepare the mixture with the sample and Counting Chambers (CC) for 100 determinations.

Red & Green test

Red & Green test


Follow the specific protocol of each device used. Normally, score a minimum of 300 sperm per sample will be enough, following the criteria:

  • Red head: sperm with damaged membrane. Considered as dead.
  • Green head: sperm with intact membrane. Considered as live.
  • Red and green areas: sperm with not completely damaged membrane, considered as dead.

Sperm Classification



Download Datasheet

PDF   SQS Test – Brochure. ENGLISH [PDF]

PDF   SQS Test – Brochure. SPANISH [PDF]

PDF   SQS Test – Brochure. CHINESE [PDF]

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