The SQS®  provides an accurate, fast, easy, and affordable sperm analyze experience.

The cutting-edge device that saves time and money to calculate accurate insemination doses.

Increase your seminal doses production.


The SQS® is a new compact and high throughput advanced system for automated semen quality analysis in boar semen doses production. The system is based on the cell counting, using a dual fluorescent staining. The dual staining method allows differentiating live and dead sperm cells. As result of analysis a text report with dose calculation is provided.

The SQS® is a spermatozoa counter based on fluorescence microscopy using high resolution CMOS camera technology, light-emitting diode and an advanced image analysis system with new autofocus technology.


Once the SQS® has analyzed your cells, you can check to see which ones were judged to be live or death on the touch screen. Green and red color indicates live and dead cells, respectively. A separate computer is not needed to review or even analyze the data. Users can see results directly on device.


  • Dose Volume: quantity in milliliters of the desired final dose.
  • Desired Sperm: quantity of spermatozoa per dose.
  • Analysis Dilution: dilution ratio used to prepare the semen sample.


  • Total number of spermatozoa (per ejaculate).
  • Concentration (millions per ml).
  • Viability (%).
  • Tail abnormalities and cytoplasmic droplets (%).
  • Useful spermatozoa (millions per ml).
  • Number of Doses.
  • Extender Volume necessary to the doses.


Advanced accuracy

  • Extreme precision, accuracy and ease of use.
  • One step concentration, viability and morphology evaluation in a few minutes.
  • Autofocus technology for fast and reliable cell counting.
  • Defining 16 areas where sperm can be evaluated variations will be eliminated.
  • Safe handling and disposal of stained samples thanks to the SQS TEST kit running with the device.

Touch screen interface

  • Stand-alone compact.
  • Simplify data entry.
  • Operated by touch screen interface.
  • Sperm Evaluation results can be monitored immediately on screen.
  • Automated text file reports with output web-based database software (SQS LAB) for statistics analyses by animal.

On-board Monitoring.

  • On-line Support & Updates.
  • Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection.
  • No cleaning or calibration. No maintenance

Reagents & Accessories (the R&G test® kit).

  • The patented design counting slide has precise 10 µm chamber height and evenly distributes the cells throughout the chamber.
  • Disposable staining tubes and slides.
  • Four chambers per slide make it cost-effective and easy to use.
  • Improved design allows better filling and reading process. When you place the tip, the fluid line indicating when to stop the filling process.


Download Datasheet

PDF   SQS – Brochure. ENGLISH [PDF]

PDF   SQS – Brochure. SPANISH [PDF]

PDF   SQS – Brochure. CHINESE [PDF]

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