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Lab Equipment

Lab Equipment


Automatic filling and sealing machine based on a rotation drum that allows the use of all bags of the rol. The filling is fast, efficient and accurate due to the use of a high speed peristaltic pump, allowing a filling of up to 700 bags per hour. The filling volume of the semen doses is adjustable on the control panel. The needle is inserted in the bag through a pneumatic system. The same system is also responsible for the bag sealing.

automatic filling and sealing machine zoitechlab


Main Features:

  • Material: Stainless steel and Teflon.
  • Production: 700 bags per hour.
  • Electric. Not compressor needed.
  • Prints on semen bags.
  • Counter: Partial and total.
  • Easy to install, use and clean.
  • Automatic sealing temperature.
  • Width: 23.6 in.(600 mm). Length: 23.6 in.(600 mm). Height: 17.7 in.(400 mm).


M1-VET has the transducer, display and power supply integrated in compact sturdy housing. All in one, no cable. Multi-frequency mechanical sector probe (2´5, 3´5 and 5 Mhz). Its size and weight are the cause of it success.

Main Features:Equipments

  • Size: 6.73 x 3.66 x 2.44 in. (171 x 93 x 62 mm). 
  • Weight: 1.1 pounds (500 g) including battery.
  • Veterinary application: swine, equine, bovine, sheep, cat, dog.
  • Internal rechargeable battery.
  • More than 3 hrs for continuous operation.
  • Less than 3 hrs for recharging.
  • Monitor: digital 3,5 inch TFT colour LCD.
  • 4 different colours in screen.
  • Simple to operate and clean.
  • Waterproof. Washable.
  • Permanent store: 128 frames.
  • Functions to store, recall, real time-display, freeze display.
  • Gray shade: 256 levels.
  • Measurement: distance, area, volume, heart rate.
  • Obstetric measurements.
  • Display modes: B, M.
  • Scan angle: 78 degrees.
  • Display depth: max – 6.3 in. (max -160 mm).

Other models are also available.



ZOITECHLAB also provides laboratory equipment and supplies like as:

  • Sealer for semen dose tubes.
  • Water Bath.
  • Microscope (Bright field, phase contract, fluorescence).
  • Incubator and Sterilizer.
  • Deionized Water Devices.
  • Hot plates (slide warmer).
  • Analytic Grade Water (20 liters, or 5.3 gallons, box).
  • Pippetes, tips, etc.

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