Any extender that aims to keep the spermatozoa alive would be enough with a saline solution, buffered and osmotically balanced. However in order to maintain a higher fertilizing ability for several days it would be necessary to protect specific structures of the cell.

ZOITECHLAB boar semen extenders were designed and manufactured to obtain the most appropriate medium and environment to guarantee the integrity on three essential aspects of the sperm:

  • Acrosome contains the necessary enzyme that allows the sperm to get into the oocite.
  • Intermediate piece: essential to maintain a good motility.
  • Condensed chromatine during the fecundation process in order to get a right embryonic development during the early pregnancy period so that the embryonic mortality can be decreased.


  • Sealed bags, ready to dilute in distilled water.
  • Excellent conservation range with optimal fertility rate and prolificacy results
  • Energy source based on monosaccharides of easy assimilation by the spermatozoid, allowing it to keep enough motility to maximize fertilizations.
  • Cell integrity by pH controlled buffer in a physiological range for the semen;
  • Chelating action over ions effect on cell integrity, acrosome and semen conservation.
  • Adequate osmotic pressure to protect cell membranes.
  • Avoid chromatic decondensation.
  • Available to 1, 5, 25, 50 and 100 liters (0.26, 1.32, 6.60, 13.21 and 26.42 gallons). Our extenders being a cell culture medium remains appropriate for conservation through totally harmless compounds for the sow, personnel and material belonging to artificial insemination lab.

Acromax plus

ACROMAX PLUS® is a long-life boar semen extender thanks to its balanced formula ensures a physic-chemical control of the medium, creating the appropriate conditions for the optimal conservation of the sperm cells.

In appropriate working conditions in Boar Stations ensures the preservation of boar semen by cooling it at 15 ºC for prolonged periods (7-8 days). This facilitates the work of the Boar Station, taking advantage of the maximum performance of boars and providing optimal reproductive outcomes.

In addition, ACROMAX PLUS® maintains a palliative effect against disturbances that can occur semen or intrinsic problems of boar or bad manipulations performed in the laboratory of insemination.

ACROMAX PLUS® is a specific cell culture medium for the conservation of boar semen, which provides stability for the membrane and the componenets necessary for cellular metabolism and energy. With the most advanced molecular components, it acts directly on the spermatozoa's mid piece, providing more mobility to the cells during the whole preservation time. Once introduced in the sow, it has a positive effect over the sperm transport and helps the spermatozoa's fertility capabilities.




ACROMAX® is a long-life boar semen extender that, thanks to its balanced formula, ensures a physic-chemical control of the medium, creating the appropriate conditions for the optimal conservation of the sperm cells.

In appropriate insemination center working conditions, it ensures the conservation of the boar semen by cooling it at 59 ºF (15 ºC) for extended periods (7-8 days). This makes the work of the farm/station easier, maximizing the boar’s performance and providing optimal reproductive results.

Additionally ACROMAX® maintains a palliative effect against the alterations that the semen could suffer, by the boar intrinsic problems or because of bad manipulations performed by the insemination laboratory.

ACROMAX® is a cell culture medium specific for the boar semen conservation, providing it with membrane stability and the necessary components for its cell and energy metabolism. Once introduced in the sow’s genital apparatus, it has an enhancing effect on sperm transport and fertilization itself, being totally harmless to the female’s genital structures in contact.

Once actuated however, the actuator drives specific mechanical components releasing stroke and allowing the pin to retract under the force of the drive spring. The actuator is reset by manually moving the pin back into the extended position.


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EoBOS® is an extender for boar semen. Its balanced formula ensures a physicochemical environmental control, creating the right conditions for maintenance.

The reconstituted EoBOS® product, being a physiological solution, does not alter living conditions of the tissues with which it has contact, as the sperm or the genital tract of the sow itself, neither leaves any residue on them.

The semen once ejaculated begins to suffer a series of degenerative processes occurring loss of motility, abnormal acrosome and chromatin decondensation. The EoBOS® extender avoids those negative effects with a source of premium sugar, buffers to maintain physiological pH ranges for the spermatozoid and chelating compounds to maintain cell integrity.

In good working conditions EoBOS® ensures the preservation of boar semen by cooling it to 59 ºF (15 ºC) for periods of 4-5 days. This facilitates the work of artificial insemination centers, taking the advantage of the maximum performance of boars and providing optimal reproductive outcomes.


Our extender BTS is manufactured following the original formula (Beltsville Thawing Solution), using the best raw materials, with the same conditions in Clean Room and quality control (ISO 9001-2008) as all the rest of our extenders. This method guarantees its high quality and traceability.

BTS is an extender with low boar semen preservation until 3 days depending on semen quality and handling in the laboratory. It means that the semen is kept alive with no supplementation. Management of dose should be done slowly, gradually to 59 ºF (15 ºC). Not recommended for long distances doses transportation.

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